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No Laser Backflash Pins (Pack of 8)

No Laser Backflash Pins (Pack of 8)

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These No Laser Backflash Pins are designed to raise your material off the honeycomb bed to prevent backflash markings on the backside of your material from the laser hitting the honeycomb bed.  Much cleaner cuts.  No more residue, stickiness, or markings on the backside of your material when cutting.  You can turn the pins to any angle based on what you are cutting.  The No Laser Backflash Pins option comes for 3mm - 4mm material or 5mm - 6mm material. You will receive 8 of the same size No Laser Backflash Pins with your order.

Below is a review from Harvey F, one of our New Product Testers. 

Thanks for the opportunity to test the pins. I have had amazing success with drop-free cutting. Small intricate designs with clean backsides fall free, nothing sticky.
Great clearance from the laser module due to the thin lip on the top of the pins.
I can not imagine doing a cut without the pins after my experience with this product.
I must be honest and did not expect to be excited about the product, but was totally blown away.
I have never had a cleaner cut from 4.5-5-6mm plywood.

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