ATEZR Customers 

When replacing your Lower Lens, do not use the Brass Lens Retainer Ring you took off to get to the lens.  A rubber O-Ring will need to be used in it's place to allow for proper expansion.  Save your Brass Retainer Ring if needed in the future. Our lens warranty will not be covered if the rubber O-Ring is not used. Thanks

All Customers

It's best to soak the original Lower Lens in acetone for about 45 minutes.  Then remove the Lower Lens and place it on a surface that the acetone will not affect.  With the barrel facing up, take a pencil with an good eraser and with the eraser end of the pencil push the lens out.  If it's still too hard to push out place the lens back in the acetone for another 30 minutes.  It's best to keep the tray with the acetone covered while soaking as to help keep the acetone from evaporating so quickly.  A very small Tupperware type seal-able food container will work best for soaking the lens in.  The original Lower Lens may have some silicone adhesive.  You do not need to replace the silicone to replace the lens.  Just put the New lens in first and then the O-Ring.

You should be set to go.  Good luck.